Time Stands Still in an ADHD Brain

Today, my dad is currently in having both an endoscopy and colonoscopy procedure which means he has to be put under entirely. So, naturally my ADHD brain goes into automatic, ‘Doom Merchant’ mode and time stand still until I know he’s done. Sure! Everyone has a Doom Merchant in their heads if a loved oneContinue reading “Time Stands Still in an ADHD Brain”

My ADHD Journey – Part One.

‘This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back.’ The Matrix¬†(1999). I had my own ‘Matrix’ moment when I first took my prescribed, ‘Aspen Dexamphetamine.’ My life felt like one big lie and it was as if I had been living as someone else. Everything I thought I knew about myself andContinue reading “My ADHD Journey – Part One.”