My Writing in 2022

I didn’t do nearly as much writing this year as I would have liked. For those of you who have been following the ‘Grant Show’ are fully aware of my journey from this time last year to now and I am mad keen to see where I will be this time next year. Stay tuned!Continue reading “My Writing in 2022”

So What If You’re Seeing a Psychiatrist?

As my title states, so what? If you have made the decision to see a psychiatrist? Good for you! Also possibly good for your loved ones (and the general public, in some cases), as well. But there is absolutely nothing wrong, or shameful, to admit you are seeing a psychiatrist. Yourself, a loved one, orContinue reading “So What If You’re Seeing a Psychiatrist?”

Quirks, Oddness & Finding Stories

I was going to simply tweet what I witnessed this morning, but then it reminded me of the first conversation Holden Sheppard and I had on the pod recording that got lost due to technical errors, and the damn internet. As a writer, I see stories everywhere. Most don’t get written down. Once upon aContinue reading “Quirks, Oddness & Finding Stories”

Time Stands Still in an ADHD Brain

Today, my dad is currently in having both an endoscopy and colonoscopy procedure which means he has to be put under entirely. So, naturally my ADHD brain goes into automatic, ‘Doom Merchant’ mode and time stand still until I know he’s done. Sure! Everyone has a Doom Merchant in their heads if a loved oneContinue reading “Time Stands Still in an ADHD Brain”

The Year 2032 May as Well be in Another Dimension.

So! My city of Brisbane, Australia will host the Olympics in 2032. For those of you in the room who are ‘neurotypical’ you will have some idea where you will be in 2032. For me, and probably many others who are ADHD, we have no idea what the next hour will be like, let aloneContinue reading “The Year 2032 May as Well be in Another Dimension.”

My ADHD Journey – Part Two: or My Brain Feels Upgraded and It’s Weirding Me Out.

Being diagnosed with ADHD as an adult, late in life, is not only devastating, but it brings with it a lot of grief. Like a feeling you were denied a proper chance at life, cheated by. I had to ask my psychiatrist how I made it to 51 years old and not be dead. HadContinue reading “My ADHD Journey – Part Two: or My Brain Feels Upgraded and It’s Weirding Me Out.”